Are you looking for a vehicle for your fleet? Toyota Beerens is the perfect place to start. We take the time to understand your requirement and offer you a wide range of quality vehicles that will meet all your needs.

Using Toyota’s innovative technology for petrol and hybrid engines, the Beerens group strives to play an important role in the professional market on behalf of Toyota.

As a fleet customer at Toyota Beerens, you can enjoy extraordinary fleet discounts, guaranteed for a full 12 months, as well as customised service.

In order to meet the modern fleet customer’s needs as efficiently as possible, we strive for a one-stop-shop selection. Thanks to our sister companies within the Beerens Group, we can offer comprehensive services for:

  • Inspections: End-of-contract or interim inspections
  • Transport: 28 trucks
  • Stock: 200,000m2 of on-site stock
  • Cleaning, PDI & reconditioning: Automated car wash, preparing vehicles for delivery, fuel recuperation
  • Remarketing & sales: Selling end-of-contract vehicles
  • Lease & fleet: Fleet management (RO, tyres, glass, damage, etc.), short-term B2B lease
  • Own body shop with lots of fleet management experience that specialises in smart & spot repair

Our fleet manager will be happy to help you with daily optimisation of your fleet. We can create a no-obligation fleet scan, plus a TCO calculation (total cost of ownership). Our analysis allows you to determine a strategy to future-proof changes in CO2 emissions taxation.

Your Toyota Fleet Contact Person

Dirk Sleeckx Fleet Manager +32 470/89.06.73 Dirk.sleeckx@beerens.be