The Beerens Toyota Centre is a Toyota-approved sales point for both private and company cars. In addition, our workshop, body shop and warehouse staff are still available to assist you.

After-sales service

Our workshop team members are trained by Toyota on a regular basis. Just like you, they are passionate about quality and Toyota itself, the epitome of quality. In addition to our well-trained mechanics, Beerens Toyota garage uses the most advanced diagnostic equipment. All maintenance and repairs are carried out using high-quality Toyota parts, under Toyota warranty

Free safety check

Our free safety check is the best proof that the Toyota distributors/repair shop put the ‘Toyota Drivers’ philosophy into practice every single day. As a Toyota customer, you are entitled to this check when you bring your car to a Toyota distributor/repair shop for services such as maintenance, MOT verification, and other appointments.

Hybrid health check

Your Toyota hybrid engine will provide years of satisfaction. To this end, Toyota Belgium also offers a 5-year warranty (limited to a maximum of 150,000 km) on all hybrid parts.After the hybrid health check at your Toyota distributor/repair shop, you have the option of a free 1-year extension on the warranty for the hybrid battery. This cover can be extended in 1-year periods until your car is 10 years old, regardless of mileage.

Finance & insurance

Toyota financing means security and flexibility. Choose from Toyota Classic, Toyota Flexifin or Toyota Relax.
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